Finding the cheapest registrar can be a first step to maximising your return on investment.

Finding one that your names are safe with, and it’s easy to transfer out and sell, are also important to consider. You can find these details through scanning all of the registrars and looking for their prices (not always easy), or through word-of-mouth conversations scattered throughout the forums.

We’ve made this dedicated page, where knowledge can be centrally located as to the cheapest, and the best, registrars, whatever extension you’re interested. Don’t forget to tell us if you know of a better deal, or some of this information is outdated.



Godaddy $6.00 reg/renew with coupon


1&1 has occasional $5.25 offers


cheapnames $1.99 first year

godaddy with coupon $1.99 first year


Godaddy $18.76 register and renewal


moniker $15

try united-domains for occasional promotions

.us $7.90


Namecheap $15.95

.it can be as low as 9.50 euro. must be incorporated or resident in the eu

moniker $12 (2 years)


bookmyname €5 (with french address) $15 (if no french address)

.in $13.90 $27.90


moniker $9


moniker $15


Godaddy $8.19

.ws $7.95

.biz sometimes offers a $7.61 discount


Godaddy as low as $9.17


moniker $18.99


moniker $28.34


Domain prices are constantly changing. Please add a comment if you know of a cheaper registrar or better service.

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  1. Admin

    I like what you are doing with the site. I will give you the discounted prices I am getting. First, Dynadot does cheaper .org and .net than you have listed as the cheapest elsewhere. .net is $5.75 and .org is $4.99 (with first level of bulk pricing, they can get a tiny bit cheaper) they also do .cn at $1.99. Fabulous is a bit better for .net, charging $4.99 for .net regs.

    This is the discounted pricing for Eurodns currently with promos: .AT 7.71 €; .DE 4.64 €; .ES 6.00 €; NL 13.50 €; .CO.UK 15.00 €; LU, 23.80 €; .SE 22.40 €

    Moniker prices: .de $8.40; and .net at $6.04.

    .name is actually $6.99 right now at Godaddy with discount domain club.

    Are you currently getting from Moniker at $6 a year? $6.95 is the lowest I have been able to get them to bring mine to.

    Also, for .CH, it is cheapest to go the registry, They are actually very good.

    Finally, I don’t know if you realize this, but you left .com off your list. Kind of the most important one. I think that is currently the cheapest for those.

    Comment kindly PMed by Sleepys – rep added

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