Fake Domain Stats

Holy Crap

I was just looking around at some WordPress stuff, and I happened upon something pretty scary. It’s just how easy it is to fake traffic stats – and you don’t need to open up Photoshop one little bit.

Here’s some names – you know – I should have developed, but never got around to it (click the image to enlarge)…

And it’s not one particular parking company either, you can do it with any parking company. For instance, it now seems I have most of my best names at Sedo. There’s not much traffic so I’m selling them purely on development potential:

Actually I altered the stats in the Sedo one to small numbers (see the real totals) to show you’d never know. Each one of these took me under five minutes to do.

I wasn’t sure if I should post this, but I rekoned the bad guys would be well onto this already. I figure a heads up would be valuable for domainers, and so this page is an appendix to the Domaining Safely Guide). Let me know if you disagree.

Which just means that – for me – buying off of people with good trader ratings (or that you know in the industry) is even more important.

Your thoughts?

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