Finding Good Domain Names

There are many ways to find valuable domain names. We have collected a list of 43 of them, which we will be gradually adding here. This is just a stub then, but to start us off, here’s a few basic resources for ways to find great names.

Using Google Adsense Keyword Tool

Perhaps the most basic technique (used by most domainers at some stage) is to use Google’s Adwords keyword suggestor tool to find keyword domains. Also useful for Wordtracker Keyword scores, Adsense allows you to also pick niches that have high PPC (Price Per Click) values. This tip for “striped socks” was posted by – a good start for newbies.

For-Sale Ads In Domain Name Discussion Forums

Forum marketplaces in places such as Namepros, DNForum, and others (registrars such as Dynadot and Afternic also have forum sections) are a buyers market when it comes to finding great domains. Why? Mostly names are being sold to hand reggers – who have plenty of names themselves, and are probaby more interested in selling also.

Domains where a price is specified are the easiest to use (don’t be afraid of offering 25% less on a domain, as you would traditional real estate). However, the auctions can be a real steal. Medium quality names might not receive any bids, meaning that a $1 bid can often secure domains that can go higher elsewhere. I’ll be talking other forum finding tips in future updates.

Use Google (and to Find Expired Domain Names with Traffic or Proven End-Users

You know when you go to an expired domain list, ands you see a whole list of available domain names that sound like past businesses or sites? Things like and The way this is achieved was revealed on Dotsauce recently. Basically, it involves using Google’s caching abilities to search for domains that have expired around a certain keyword. Awesome! I think I’ll start my own available domain name empire. This is also useful if you have a particular niche you want to develop a site for.

Using Backordering Companies’ “Most-Popular” E-Lists

There is a fine art to successful backordering, which I will go into further in future tips. Suffice to say, many successful domainers rarely hand-reg, and focus more on landrushes, backordering, or auctions. The profit on a hand reg might be $300 – $1000 at best, but as Rick Schwartz can tell you with, $750,000 can turn into over $10,000,000 in three years.

How can you simply find out some of the best backordering names, without signing up to paid filtering sites, or having other advanced software? Simple. Backordering companies earn their money when auctioning off the names they catch, and it is in their interest to set off as big a bidding war as they can for their names. To do this, companies like Namejet and Pool will allow you to sign up for free for regular email updates for the most popular backordered names. So, if any of the big guys see coming up (you never know, someone might forget to check an email!), you can put in a $69 bid and join the action. Be prepared to fight it out with those with deep pockets, but for more marginal names or special interests, it gives you a big advantage over the hand-reggers. Backordering companies also allow you to set up email alerts for names based around a certain keyword – for instance, high PPC names – a strategy which is the foundation of a good parking/ development portfolio.

Trick to Finding International Domain Names (IDNs)

IDNs are a mystery to most of us, so this video tutorial is a gem to finding great available (often single character) IDNs.

Also for stats and name ideas, don’t forget to look at Godaddy’s auction page, Freshdrop (now expensive), Drop Day (free), and the industry leader PremiumDrops. Also try Domain Alert® Pro,, etc.

More tips coming shortly stay tuned!


If you would like to suggest a good link or technique, perhaps on your blog or site, leave a comment below.

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