How to Promote Your Domain Names

Many people try to buy and sell names and miss one vital ingredient – and that’s promotion.


If you are only promoting your names via the sales advertisement on a forum, or on ebay, your chances of making a great sale are pretty low. Why? Only a very small number of people will luck upon your name here, and these are likely to be reggers themselves – who already have thousands of other names to chose from.

Fortunately, Jamie from – known for his legendary sales figures himself – shared his tips for promoting his domain names with us, and it is reprinted here with permission (I’ve added emphases and dot format).

FREE promotion is Always the best. You can do this via a blog if you have one.

• You can create Text Links to your domain listing page by posting on domain forums (signature, posts etc) or a forum that is fitting to your domain Outside the domain industry.

• You can post an ad on if you would like.

• Create a little video and put it on YouTube!

• Use Facebook and MySpace.

• Try to think outside the box and not just promoting on “domain” type sites. Just because you list your domain on Sedo does NOT mean THEY market to people/businesses outside the domaining industry. Paying to be “featured on Sedo” makes no sense to me. They do not advertise very much, if at all, so most people that would see it are domainers…. which read blogs and go to forums etc… where you can post for free most of the time!

• You can also create a write-up about your domain name(s) and submit it to “News” sites.

• For paid advertising, sometimes you have to Spend money to Make money! Banner ads on sites that pertain to your domain.

• Again, think OUTSIDE of the domain industry. Buy people’s Signature spaces, or their Avatars for a week or month. Most people will offer them pretty cheap.

• It cost $50 to list your domain on top of and I think that is a Deal (not sure if they still offer this). A lot of people go to in a day, that $50 will get a lot of eyes on your domain! sends out his “newsletter” but charges 10% when he sells, but that 10% is well spent on the amount of people that see the newsletter/domains.

• With selling any domain, it’s all about finding the right person and that can take Time. Unless somebody is looking for that specific domain, it doesn’t hurt to put it out there so a lot more people see it also. The Quality of the domain can always play a factor as well so it’s always best to buy the good ones! __________________

Do you have any tips for promoting your names? Leave them here!

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  1. Admin

    I’d add that there are sites that help promote your names for you, often for free. These are like the “Push to Auction” type sites, some of which are listed on the front page of namehugger. Good luck!

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