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Sell your names on namehugger free (Post). Guidelines for posting names are as follows.

  • These listings are for domainers selling to domainers. It is free – the aim is to keep things useful to the community (the more opportunities to sell the better). Please only refer the names you think that hold true value for resellers. Any that do not meet this criteria will be removed (and ads removed if they have been up too long).
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  • If you have a number of names, please consolidate to one comment. People will not be able to have more than three separate listings at any one time. This format is only suited to lists of up to 10 names per post.
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  • All postings must have a sales price or minimum offer price.
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  • Include an email address for buyers to contact you directly. After all sales buyers need to contact me on soggyindo @ so i can remove the listing. If you wish to alter an ad, also let me know so I can remove the old listing and you can resubmit.

list your names for sale.

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